Just a Shot Away

Watching Champion League. Game just started between Barcelona – Atletico Madrid. Barca looked pretty poor, especially Suarez, in the loss to Real Madrid a few days ago.

“The Hair Collector & Other Stories” is very close to completion. Getting the .pdf closer to perfect, and, thanks to Matty, getting the logo finished for the cover.

Using InDesign is an awkward process, but I’m starting to like what the layout looks like so far. Being a bilingual book, I should have more avenues to find readers. The question still remains — self-publish or wait for someone to pick me up? The petitioning process itself takes up so much time.


Cyanobacteria back again

I’ve been spending a lot of time observing myself observing myself. That tends to happen with a lake view and 3 volcanoes to remind you of your insignificance. But with the mild heat wave came a resurgence of the cyanobacteria that plagues Lake Atitlan. Perhaps it’s time to do a follow-up article to the one I posted in August. Stay tuned.

Up and running

Began running again after a long hiatus. Only 3-5K every morning, but with these hills and this mile-high elevation, it’s enough to kickstart my body into accepting the routine. The view is incredible along the rim of the lake, and I’m an early riser anyway. No better time to run than the morning, before the sun has fully risen above the mountains.