Sunday Blues (and greens)

Another night of insomnia, and Sheni says I need to stop drinking coffee. In Guatemala, that is quite difficult. The coffee, avocados, and mangoes are the best I’ve ever had — and I’ve been around the world a few times. Not total insomnia, so I shouldn’t bitch and complain. But definitely not a full night’s sleep either. Going for a swim in lake this morning, the blue water is calling me and my snorkel equipment. But green tea instead of Guatemalan coffee? Honestly, it just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s the final book cover for “The Hair Collector & Other Stories.”

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Water Therapy

Went for a swim in the lake this morning, looking like a typical Chinese in a swimming pool with my cap and goggles, let’s not forget the earplugs. Cyano is down after the recent heat spell, and swimming in the lake is my act of personal solidarity with the environment, 1-on-1.

“The Hair Collector & Other Stories” is dangerously close to being finished. Look for an unnamed writer to foist a copy off on you soon.

Besides that, just staining wood and hand-washing my clothing to hang dry on the balcony. Tiny home improvements for this tiny house. I think I’m going to do a YouTube video on living small. I’ve been doing it for eight years, long before it was cool. 😉