Bilingual sneak peek

As I jump through the final editorial hoops to get my second book finished, I think it’s time to give you, the readers, a sneak peek.
In the final version of the book, the English will be on one side of the page and Spanish on the other, but for now, a word document with the two languages separated will have to suffice. This piece of flash fiction is called “The Fatal Kiss” — or “el beso fatal” en español.

I am posting the story in its entirety for download here, but if you’d like to be a sweetheart and help the cause, I’m selling it for $0.27 — yes, that’s right, 27 cents — on


Cyanobacteria back again

I’ve been spending a lot of time observing myself observing myself. That tends to happen with a lake view and 3 volcanoes to remind you of your insignificance. But with the mild heat wave came a resurgence of the cyanobacteria that plagues Lake Atitlan. Perhaps it’s time to do a follow-up article to the one I posted in August. Stay tuned.