Up and running

Began running again after a long hiatus. Only 3-5K every morning, but with these hills and this mile-high elevation, it’s enough to kickstart my body into accepting the routine. The view is incredible along the rim of the lake, and I’m an early riser anyway. No better time to run than the morning, before the sun has fully risen above the mountains.

Long-term planning, short-term bliss

Making the jump from the cosmopolitan grandeur of Vienna to the backwater bliss of Lake Atitlan takes some adaptability and the focus to keep an eye on the goal. That goal, presently, is the completion of “The Hair Collector & Other Stories / La recolectora de cabellos y otros relatos.” This bilingual English/Spanish fiction collection encompasses several years of evolution and offers many different settings for the stories. The process of working with translators to get the stories right has been enlightening on many levels. Two stories left to finalize, and then the final proofing begins.

Publicity and sales are the long-term goals, which require a solid web presence and a marketing guru. I am shoring up the first, while seeking the second online. A communicative, friendly, and hard-working publicist will be vital to the next phase of the endeavor. But in the meantime, just remembering to breathe, exercise, and enjoy the beauty of Atitlan is the number one priority. Sounds simple, but in this world (symbolized by Vienna as my most recent example) it is all too easy to get lost in the job and let your life drop out of balance.  So I am practicing and playing music, reading, stretching, and projecting the tendrils of my vision into the future.


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala