Late November Already

Time is flying, but that’s the nature of time.  Earlier this month we went to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees museum (more photos here), and then Xiahai Temple later the same day.  The temple wasn’t anything extravagant, but every temple has a gem or two to behold.

Also finished a short story yesterday, “The Hair Collector.”  To see a preview, click here.  If you want to read the rest, email or leave a comment on the blog and I will send you a copy.

A family friend came to Shanghai as a boy during the Holocaust. His name was actually in the database.


Jews in China


Outside Xiahai Temple


A gem


Mah Jongg on the street.

Weekend Retreat

Last weekend we went to Howoo Village near Moganshan with a workmate.  He speaks some Chinese so it was much easier to get around.  We took a taxi to a bus to another taxi to the Bamboo View Guest House.  Two nights.  I had ever seen a bamboo forest before.  Man, was it good to get out of the city!

View from the balcony


hookah bar, first night


Sheni contemplating the bamboo. “Donde estan los pandas?”


Standing outside the interdimensional portal


Three and a half hours of hiking to see this??