Suzhou in Pictures

A few weeks ago we took the bullet train (300km/h) from Shanghai to Suzhou.  It was about a forty-minute trip, and not once did we really leave the urban sprawl.  The enormity of greater Shanghai is difficult to convey in words, and the population pressure at every major attractions is off the charts.  People travel en masse during holidays, so in Suzhou in September and at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park in October (next post), the population density was so great as to make sightseeing almost unbearable.  The smells of stinky tofu are worse than death, and the mounds of trash are an unalterable testament to our planet’s demise. That said, with a camera you can give the illusion that you are (almost) alone, so enjoy the illusion. It’s better than the reality.

Suzhou canal and the illusion of tranquility


Lotus pond with lone flower

lone flower up close

There were also some temples & shrines, which are always my favorite sites to visit.

Shang Ta – Twin Pagodas


Buddha in front of Tiger Hill

I’ll post more in Suzhou Part II when I’m feeling inspired… Your comments will help that happen!