Temple Hunting

The past three weekends we have gone temple hunting.  I’ve already posted the Jing’an Temple photos, and here I’ll post the Jade Buddha Temple photos (last weekend) as well as some photos of our meanderings through the (new) Old City and Yu Gardens (this past weekend).  Along the way we hit a mosque, a Buddhist nunnery, and a Taoist shrine.  Not bad for one afternoon.

Exquisite Jade Buddha

Prayer petitions

Feeding the koi pond at Jade Buddha Temple


This past weekend we went to Yu Gardens via the metro, stopping at a few highlights along the way.

Fuyou Road Mosque

Courtyard of the nunnery – we didn’t see/hear any nuns





















But we did see this amazing gilded Buddha with the 384 saints (above, in the dome).

Gilded Buddha – Chenxiangge Nunnery


Then on to the Taoist shrine – Temple of the City God

Sheni at City God Temple Taoist Shrine


Lucky Bell – people place coins on the bell for luck



Yu Gardens, thanks to Sheni for the great photo!

Until the next time!!  Please leave comments and let me know you’ve been here!