About the author:

Writer, musician, international educator, traveler, person who stutters.

Early Years
I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. More into sports than the arts as kid, I found music as an adolescent and never looked back. I was a bit slow to develop musically, not having taken formal lessons as a kid, but we had a piano in the house and my sister took classical piano. I learned how to improvise by giving each note in the scale a number, and soon I was on my way. But I came to music late, and my talents had not fully developed in high school and college. People around me were surprised and confused by my choice to become a writer and a musician.
Young Adult
I wound up leaving New York and my first job out of college was writing for the Bozeman Free Press. Montana was quite a shock for an urban suburban boy, and I learned a lot before the paper folded and I needed to seek new horizons. I was accepted for an MFA in Creative Writing at the Naropa Institute, and it was in Boulder where I first worked closely with adults with autism and other disabilities. Throughout this time, I played open mic nights and continued to improve my musicianship. Finally, after playing guitar with a client with autism, I put the all the pieces together: music, healing, and education.
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